Gallery # 4

Max depth: 30-35 mts / Average depth 20 mts / Diving level required : Advanced Open water diver

Bamboo is located between l’Eveille and Cathedral, on the same wall following the coastline of Flic en Flac. It is renown for its incredible underwater architecture, including 2 arches, a small one at 35 meters and a huge one at 28 mts. It also included a very rich small reef facing the big arch and and a 20 meter tunnel that leads to the top of the wall. Out of nowhere, facing the wall lies a huge rock, with anemones and clownfish on its top. Some say, that they prefer Bamboo to Cathedral. However, as soon as you have a small swell, the visibility decreases first in this location… for a reason still to be discovered…

Rempart Canon
Max depth: 20 mts / Average depth 15 mts / Diving level required : Open water diver

Rempart canon is located north of Flic en Flac, facing the cliff of Médine sugar estate. Not far, a river runs mostly during rainy season. The dive site gives its name to the canon that lays on top of the small rempart. This canon belongs to the Banda ship, who sunk after a cyclone in 1615. The vessel, owned by Pieter Both, general governor of the Dutch east indies company,  was carrying porcelain of the dynasty Ming. In 1979, most of the remaining treasure was brought back to the surface and exposed in the blue penny museum and the museum at Grand Port. Still some pieces of porcelain, covered with blue paintings can be seen between the rocks.

Coral Garden
Max depth: 20 mts / Average depth 10 mts / Diving level required : As from Beginner

Coral Garden is a sloppy coral reef facing the hotel, outside the lagoon. In the middle, at 12 to 14 meters, a patch of the finest sand you can find, will provide the perfect bed for training student divers. Mostly covered with corals formations, most of the small reef fishes can be found in this area.