Gallery # 3

Tug 2
Max depth: 20 mts / Average depth 20 mts / Diving level required : Open water diver

Tug 2 is a small small laying on a sandy bottom, at 20 meters. Close to Snake Reef, the wreck shelters loads of Lion fish and and is ideal for newly qualified Open water divers, that need to practice their buoyancy. Leaf fishes, groupers, nudibranchs are often sighted there. The sandy bottom around it also welcomes a family of garden eel. Its main purpose was to create an artificial reef and surely did its job.

Kei Sei 113 / Park
Max depth: 40 mts / Average depth 30 mts / Diving level required : Advanced with Deep diver speciality.

Park is the name given to combinations of 2 main areas; the reef laying at 40 meters and the wreck Kei Sei 113, close to it. Kei Sei 113 was sunk the 11 October 1987 on a bottom of 36 meters. It was an old restaurant boat that has sunk already twice in the harbor. The owners, bankrupted, decided to give it to the divers. Covered on the whole surface with a layer of concrete to stabilized it.. the structured has cracked and has become very fragile, making it risky for wreck penetrations. The reef next to it, is one of the richest reef of the island.

Big Rock
Max depth: 30 mts / Average depth 20 mts / Diving level required : As from Open water diver

Big Rock is an unique place! It can be the best diving in Mauritius…. if there is a slight current running north-south… as it can also just be an average dive if there is no current. It is a known fact that the fish like current and will hover on top of steep wall, and wait for food to arrive. Bog rock is covered with Eagle rays when it is the case. Also we have a residential turtle that instead has found here a shelter when the current is strong. However, approaching them requires some experience as they are shy animal and would scattered if they feel the slightest threatening display among the divers.  Definitively recommended when there is current.