H2O competition

Underwater photography has the power to raise awareness about the beauty and fragility of our oceans and marine life. By capturing stunning images of underwater ecosystems, photographers can inspire people to care about and protect these important natural resources. Through their work, underwater photographers can also highlight environmental issues such as pollution, overfishing, and habitat destruction, and encourage action to address these challenges. Ultimately, the power of underwater photography lies in its ability to connect people to the underwater world and inspire a sense of stewardship for our oceans.


H2O is our underwater photography and video competition organized yearly by Sundivers Ltd and Gerald Rambert.

The planned dates of the event this year will be from the 25th to the 28th of November 2023.


No competition, No progress…

The goal of this event is to share and learn everything there is to know about underwater photography and the diversity of the island.Since the last editions, the level and quality of Mauritian underwater photographers have significantly improved, thus enhancing the content published on social media and magazines.We are also all looking forward to raising the awareness of the public towards conservation and protection of the environment by showing them what is left to see in our Mauritian water.


25th to the 29th November 2023


– Saturday 25th of November : Competition dives @ Sundivers / La Pirogue
– Sunday 26th of November : Competition dives @ Sundivers / La Pirogue and Submission of the last retouched Pictures.
– Monday 27th of November:  Judging
– Tuesday 28th of November: Conference by Laurent Ballesta & Price giving ceremony.


  • Category 1 / The competition dives: This first category was held on Saturday 25t and Sunday 26th of November in Flic-en-Flac. The participant will compete on only 2 dives. In the space of one day and two dives of a maximum of 30 meters, the participants have to find the rare pearl that would make them rise on the podium.
  • Category 2 / The portfolio: The second category, better known as the Portfolio competition will allow you to submit their three best photos taken in Mauritian waters taken during the last 5 years.
  • Category 3 / The video: The participant will have the opportunity to enter a video of 5 min maximum taken anytime during the last five years in Mauritius, showing the beauty of the underwater world. It can be also an artistic video, or music clip. The video can be taken anywhere in Mauritius, but cannot be taken outside of the Mauritian waters.

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