Diving in Mauritius

About Mauritius
Best family destination

Mauritius is a volcanic island located within the latitude and longitude of 20° 17 S, and 57 º 33 E. The seasons are divided into 2 main ones: Winter from May to November and summer for the rest of the year. Because of its wonderful tropical conditions, it can be dived all year around and the minimum temperature reaches 21 degrees Celsius in wintertime.

The teaching ground for conservation

Mauritius is surrounded by an almost uninterrupted coral reef, which forms lagoons that can reach several kilometres wide and shelter more than 50 species of corals as well as a wide diversity of fishes. They are ideal snorkelling spots for beginners.

Our dives
The best of the west coast

Flic en Flac is facing the anciant underwater layer of larva flow, that follows the coast and offers some of the best dive sites of Mauritius. Cathedral is one of the best dives on the island, with arches, walls and caves. Rocky reefs like Aquarium are certainly not to forget.

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Our planning

We have 3 dives per day:

  • 9:00 – Advanced divers
  • 12:00 – All diving level
  • 14:30 – All diving level

Pool trainings are either done at 9:00 or 14:30.

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Safari dives
Weather permitting

The south part of the island as well as the northern islands are most of the time exposed to the bad sea. Whenever the weather permits, we organize Safari dives to either the south pass of the island or the north, where different reefs sharks can be seen together with the occasional and feared bull shark. 

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