Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions
Are hotel outsiders welcome at Sundivers ?

We welcome divers all around the island. You do not need to be a resident of the hotel to have access to the dive centre.

Can we use the hotel facilities when diving ?
The dive center is located within the hotel La Pirogue, and even if the access is granted to non resident for the diving center, please note that you will not be allowed to used some of the hotel facilities such as the boat house, the transat and hammock on the beach and the pool. Theses are reserved for the hotels resident guests.
The pool area is also normally closed to all diving activities after 11:00 am in order to give back the space and privacy to the resident guests and swimmers.
I am sure you can understand that non resident guests are not granted access to all the facilities of the hotel.
Do you offer pick up services?

We offer pick up services to the guest residing in Flic en Flac or Wolmar.

What is the minimum age for diving?

You can start diving at the age of 8, inside the lagoon with one of your parents. we take divers outside the reef as from the age of 10 years old.

Medical certificate?

You will need a medical certificate if you are 60 and above, or if you answer yes to any of the medical contraindications on the medical statement. Please be aware that diving can be a dangerous and you should never lie about your health conditions. Please note that general partitioner do NOT KNOW about the contraindications of Scuba diving. You should see a DIVING DOCTOR! At Sundivers we takes this issue vey seriously.

Proof of certification ?

Absolutely. If you are unable to show proof of your qualification, we will consider you as beginners. Logbooks are also important. If you do not have a logbook, you will be asked to take a refresher in the pool and start by  a shallow dive.

Do i need a Logbook?

Absolutely! Your Logbook is your proof of experience like hours for a Pilot. If you do not have a logbook, you will need to have refresher in the pool before starting by a shallow dive.

Do i need a refresher?

If you are qualified OW and  hasn’t dive for more than one year you will need a refresher in the pool. If you are very experience but hasn’t dive for a while we recommend you start with a shallow dive.

Can i use the Credit Card to pay?

You can pay using the credit card, however you will be charge an additional 5% service charge.

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