French Polynesia – 20th to 30th Oct 2019

Diving French Polynesia

French Polynesia – 20th to 30th Oct 2019

Diving French Polynesia has always been on the top of the list of  Gerald Rambert and and a dream for many divers and underwater photographers.

It is now over 10 that Gerald Rambert has been running underwater photography workshops with Worldwide Dive and newly Master Liveaboard..

Gerald has been granted a very good agreement with their new boat the “French Polynesia Master”, to run a workshop from the 20th to the 30th October 2019.

There is a special hidden deal for all the guests of Gerald !!! Contact him to know more about the special offer.

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In the meantime, here are more information about our trip to Polynesia in October 2019.

Special deal  – Diving French Polynesia 20th to 30th October 2019 (10 days trip ) 

On this Special Master Liveaboards Trip to the French Polynesia, Gerald Rambert  will be at your disposal to help you improve your underwater photography skills, such as macro, wide angle, compact and SLR photography. He will be conveying tips and tricks to you based on his vast experience as a professional. Recognising that each person’s camera is a different make and model, Gerald usually spends the first two days of the trip assisting every guest with camera set up, fine-tuning settings and finding the best compromise for achieving optimum results. In between dives, Gerald sits with guests to review photos and discuss techniques for improvements on an individual or group basis depending on the group and camera types involved.Moreover, Gerald will accompany each guest underwater in order to indicate the best way to approach a subject and set the camera to capture the best image. By doing so, guests can pick up skills at their own pace, while Gerald can provide tips and feedback to each guest individually.

You can have a look at the work of Gerald in Mauritius here

About French Polynesia

Situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, this island archipelago is home to some of the most wondrous dive sites, where hundreds of sharks gather in schools, manta rays and bottle-nosed dolphins.In Rangiroa’s reefs and pass you can expect to see grey reef hammerhead, black tips, silky, tiger and silver tip shark species cruising the reef, hunting on schools of snapper and fusiliers.Whilst drift diving through the 1200m wide channel at North Fakarava Island, you can experience incredible shark action, see huge Napoleon wrasses and witness marbled groupers spawning.A typical diving day will see you cruising through channels and exploring the outer reefs of the atolls, yet there are numerous of shallow dive sites within the Tuamotu Archipelago, each with stunning hard corals, sheltering all manner of crustaceans and molluscs.

French Polynesia Liveaboard

Built of steel, the French Polynesia Master plies the waters of this island archipelago, welcoming aboard 25 guests for 7 or 10 night dive safaris. Our 4 decks provide ample space for relaxation and dive equipment and camera preparation. Our experienced crew will ensure you receive only the highest quality service on your diving vacation.

Getting there and away…

The French Polynesia Master embarks and disembarks at either Fakarava Airport or Quai D’Ohotu in Rangiroa depending on your chosen cruise. Take your international flight into and out of Fa’a’ā International Airport in Papeete, Tahiti and, if possible, try to arrive in French Polynesia 1 day before cruise departure so you are well rested before the start of the cruise. There are 6-7 flights per week between Tahiti and both Fakarava and Rangiroa (depending on the season), which are only around 1 hour in duration.

Please note the following Tuomotu itinerary update per 27 September 2017: 

 For logistical reasons, some Tuomotu cruises will embark or disembark at Papeete Harbour in Papeete, Tahiti. Note that there is a 175 USD per person pre-payable cruise surcharge on all itineraries that begin or end in Papeete. This surcharge is payable with the final balance. It is worth noting that these itineraries require one less internal flight and that the surcharge is less than the cost of the flight between Rangiroa and Papeete. You will be informed if your itinerary carries the surcharge when you enquire, however, if you are already booked and are unsure then please contact our reservations team or your agent for up to date correct information.

Disembarkation at the end of the cruise will be just before 10am. If you are not remaining in French Polynesia for additional nights after your cruise, please allow plenty of time for the transfer to the airport and for check-in.

On arrival… French Polynesia is a set of islands that is an overseas country attached to France located in the South Pacific Ocean. Passport holders of the European Union, Andorra, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Monaco and Norway only need a valid passport for entry. Passport holders of most Western and Asian countries are exempt from visa requirements for stays of up to 90 days, however, we always advise our guests to check for updates and changes with their nearest French embassy. Please make sure that your passport has validity of at least 3-6 months depending on nationality beyond the period you intend to stay in French Polynesia. If you are travelling with medication please ensure to bring your physician‟s prescription with you.

Climate and weather… The climate in French Polynesia is tropical but moderate. Very humid. The average ambient temperature is 27°C (80°F). Summer is from November through April, with a warmer and more humid climate and winter is from May through October, when the climate is slightly cooler and drier

Time zone… The local time is 10 hours behind UTC (GMT).

Health… In French Polynesia, medical care is generally very satisfactory and medical infrastructure is comparable to what you would find in most developed countries. The most modern facilities are located in Tahiti and mostly concentrated in Papeete

 The price of this cruise is above per person and includes the following:

– Full board accommodation during the cruise
– Up to 3 dives per day, inclusive of night dives
– 1 x 12 litre aluminium tank
– For trips embarking/disembarking in Fakarava, the transfer to the French Polynesia Master is included

Additional costs:
– Domestic flights
– 175 USD per person pre-payable cruise surcharge ***which will be payable with the final balance****
– Port, park and tax fees: 90 USD (10 nights cruise)

– For trips embarking/disembarking in Papeete, the transfer to the French Polynesia Master is not included, and charged as follows:
Marina Taina – Airport International and vice versa : 32 EUR per pax/per way
Marina Taina – Airport Domestic and vice versa : 27 EUR per pax/per way
Marina Taina – Papeete Hotels and vice versa : 27 EUR per pax/per way

Required additional payments and on-board extras:

– Flights, additional transfers and hotels
– Port, park and tax fees
– Equipment Rental
– Nitrox
– Non-standard tanks
– Selected beverages

For the full listing of our on board extras, please find them here at the following link:

– Crew tips. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept crew tips via credit card so they are cash only. All major currencies are accepted and appreciated.
– Satellite internet
*Wireless Satellite internet is available to guests on board French Polynesia Master. You can find more information on packages available and special pre-cruise purchase offers here:


A trip information sheet including local details, travel suggestions and information on cruising with Siren Fleet can be found at the following link:


You can also see a selection of amazing Humpback Whale, Tiger Shark and Dolphin experiences that we can offer to you at the following link:

In order to assist you with checking flight bookings, please note the following:

Embarkation – Fakarava Airport, Fakarava
Disembarkation – Papeete Harbour

We highly recommend our guests are Nitrox-certified and have training beyond beginner level and a minimum experience of 50 dives. Dive sites are typically channel or “Pass” dives and the route planning for each trip is highly dependent upon the incoming and out-going tides for each island.Water temperatures throughout the year range from 24-28°C (60-82°F), with January-March being the warmest months and July-November the coolest

Diving Rangiroa’s reefs and channels you can expect to see grey reef hammerhead, black tips, silky, tiger and silver tip shark species cruising the reef, hunting on schools of snapper

A typical diving day will see you cruising through channels and exploring the outer reefs of the atolls, yet there are numerous of shallow dive sites within the Tuamotu Archipelago. We offer up to 3 days dives however the third day dive may be substituted for a sunset or night dive when the boat is anchored within a lagoon.

Please feel free to visit the webpage to have additional information about the trip with pictures and videos:

If you would like to benefit this special deal, please email Gerald asap and I will refer you to the reservation team in order to secure your place.

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